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Disaster risk response stage
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Geographic domain
License type sort_by_alpha
Status sort_by_alpha
Google Flood Hub Forecasting, Risk Hybrid Tools Global Global Operational
NASA Experimental Potential Flood Alert System (NEPFAS) Forecasting Hybrid Tools Global Global very limited distribution for near term evaluation due to lack of maturity of product In Development
Dartmouth Flood Observatory (DFO) Response, Risk Hybrid Tools Global Global In Development
Early Action Protocol for Flash Floods Forecasting, Response Hybrid Tools Local, Regional In Development
Remote Sensing-based Flood Crop Loss Assessment Service System (RF-CLASS) Response Hybrid Tools Regional Americas In Development
Multi-Scale Flood Monitoring and Assessment Services for West Africa (MiFMASS) Response, Risk Hybrid Tools Regional Africa Open Source Operational
Global Flood Modeling and Alerting with DisasterAWARE Forecasting Hybrid Tools Global Global Algorithms will be open source, PDC platform is proprietary In Development
Flood Inundation Damage Assessment System Response, Risk Hybrid Tools Global, Regional Asia/Oceania Operational
European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) Forecasting, Response, Risk Hybrid Tools Regional Europe Operational
GDACS Forecasting, Response Global Global Open Source Operational
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