Disaster Risk Response Stage
Category Flood Extent Mapping
Input Network
Input Network Member
Provider Organization: Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)
Point of Contact: John Galantowicz
Geographic Domain Regional
Geographic Product Locations Africa
Geographic Product Locations - Detailed
Producing Daily Global Coverage? False
Globally Extensible True
Product Delivery Latency Near real-time; next day delivery of daily product by about 1200 UTC.
Data Type Passive microwave satellite (AMSR2, GMI, AMSR-E, TMI)
Associated Capacity Development Resources None
Product Format Interactive web interface, GeoTiff, PNG, netCDF
Archived True
Tailored Service Available True
License Type P
Spatial Extent Africa, South America, and North America south of 55N latitude
Spatial Scale 3-arcsecond (~90-meter) and 300-arcsecond
Caveats Generally maps only large floods (>19 km^2); sees through clouds but not rain or dense vegetation; not all areas updated every day depending on satellite coverage; detailed assessment available at https://floodscan.aer.com
Frequency Daily
Overpass Latency N/A
Downlink Latency N/A
Processing Latency N/A
Impacted By Cloud Shadows False
Impacted By Terrain Shadows False
Status Operational
Input By John Galantowicz
Notes Daily historical products available from 1998 to present. Web interface displays near real-time and historical flood extent products; depth product produced upon request. Asia-Australia region to be added.