Hydrology TEP Flood Monitoring Service

Disaster Risk Response Stage
Category Flood Extent Mapping
Input Network
Input Network Member
Provider Organization: Hydrology TEP
Point of Contact: None
E-mail: None
Geographic Domain Local
Geographic Product Locations Unknown
Geographic Product Locations - Detailed
Red River, Niger River
Producing Daily Global Coverage? False
Globally Extensible False
Product Delivery Latency None
Data Type Optical, SAR
Associated Capacity Development Resources None
Product Format Masks, maps, and analyses
Archived None
Tailored Service Available True
License Type Proprietary; offers customised or self service options
Spatial Extent Red River and Niger River
Spatial Scale N/A
Caveats None
Frequency N/A
Overpass Latency N/A
Downlink Latency N/A
Processing Latency N/A
Impacted By Cloud Shadows None
Impacted By Terrain Shadows None
Status Operational
Input By Sydney Neugebauer, NASA Capacity Building Program
Notes None